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Top Reasons To Construct An Annex

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When you invest in an annex, not only are you making a positive change to your lifestyle; you will also increase the value of your property. Read more to see how an annex could affect you and your loved ones for the better.

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Between 2013-2014, it was reported that moving an elderly person into a care home can cost, on average, anything between £28,500 to £37,500 per year. If you would like to care for an elderly relative at home, the average cost of regular visits from a professional carer is around £15 per hour, equalling £11,000 annually. Investing in an annex provides privacy and independence for your loved one, while still giving them the essential care they require.

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As families grow and children turn into teenagers, you may find that your two bedroom house is beginning to feel cramped. The beauty of an annex is that it does not necessarily have to be attached to your home, it can simply be on your property. Whether your investment is used as an additional bedroom for the older adolescent or as a place for your younger ones to play Xbox with their friends; it is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the quiet with a nice cup of tea.

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Picture Sourced From iStock

You could also use the additional space to practice a hobby of yours. Whether that is arts and crafts or a quiet area for your writing to really come to life – it is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of family life and delve into your own little world.

It is also the perfect place to have a home cinema or a small gathering. An annex opens up a whole host of entertainment opportunities. Whether that is enjoying a glass of wine with friends or watching the football in peace, where better to relax than on your own doorstep?


Nationwide Bank informs that investing in additional floor space can increase the value of your property by more than 10% It is also important to note that creating extra space by merging two rooms could have a detrimental effect on your properties value, leaving an annex as your most viable option. You don’t necessarily need planning permission either, making the process easier than ever.

The service that we offer when creating unique timber buildings and extensions is one of precision and competence, so you can have faith that we will deliver a top quality result. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, contact us on 01568 612 970 and we will be happy to help you implement fantastic looking additional living space.


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